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    Workshop JSP Editor (EL/JSTL support)

      I'm trying to get to work the Workshop JSP Editor with my eclipse installation. I installed the latest package of oracle's plugins (oepe-galileo-, but it just seems not to be there!

      Do I really have to install the whole WebLogic server to make it work? In such a case the editor is there in the preinstalled config of eclipse, but it cannot be installed to the existing eclipse-installation because of thousend dependencies, where the silliest one is that some components are just to new to start the Workshop installation...... grahhaauauau..

      What I really need is just the JSP editor with its super capabilities that the "normal" WTP-plugin does not have (full content assist for EL/JSTL for instance). I used that stuff a few years ago, yet as nitrox... but after so many migrations of the company and its software I just cannot find a manual way to integrate it with my eclipse ...

      Can you give me please some advice how to handle this thing?

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          The Workshop JSP Editor is not part of the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) product. However, the latest release of OEPE does include some of the features you are used to in the Workshop product including AppXray, Samrt Property Editor, enahnced support for JSTL, etc.

          Please post any questions you have on the features in OEPE in the OEPE forum - Enterprise Pack for Eclipse .
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            Hi there,

            I know it is not a part of the plugins-set... Now I know that, after hours of trying to get it work... Wouldn't it be nice to put a features list to the relaease??

            Another thing is why it is not there - if it is included in the "Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10.3"??

            Nevertheless I posted my feature request in the mentioned forum. Here's the link: FR: Workshop JSP Editor (Nitrox)

            And I ask once again: (a) how to get the editor as a plugin?, (b) how to connect it with the existing eclipse installation? I could not manage any of these... details in the FR above.