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    Workshop JSP Editor (EL/JSTL support)

      I'm trying to get to work the Workshop JSP Editor with my eclipse installation. I installed the latest package of oracle's plugins (oepe-galileo-, but it just seems not to be there!

      Do I really have to install the whole WebLogic server to make it work? In such a case the editor is there in the preinstalled config of eclipse, but it cannot be installed to the existing eclipse-installation because of thousend dependencies, where the silliest one is that some components are just to new to start the Workshop installation...... grahhaauauau..

      What I really need is just the JSP editor with its super capabilities that the "normal" WTP-plugin does not have (full content assist for EL/JSTL for instance). I used that stuff a few years ago, yet as nitrox... but after so many migrations of the company and its software I just cannot find a manual way to integrate it with my eclipse ...

      Can you give me please some advice how to handle this thing?