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    11gR2 on Solaris and Veritas DMP

      I am in the process of building a 2 node cluster to test some upgrades we have coming up. Our current clusters are using Veritas for the clustering software. For this new cluster ( 2 new machines ), we want to use 11gR2 clustering and ASM.

      My question is this:

      We want to take advantage of the Veritas multi-pathing ( DMP ). In 1 document I have read, it says that "ASM disks must be configured as logical volumes to utilize DMP multipathing. ASM must us the dmp device which resides over the vxvm logical volumes: /dev/vx/rdmp/cxtydzsx"

      One of my problems is that all of the devices under /dev/vx/rdmp are owned by root. It is my understanding that in order for ASM to see them, they need to be owned by grid:asmadmin. Just on a whim, I chown'd all of those devices to grid, but that change isn't persistent across a reboot.

      My other problem is that my second node doesn't see the diskgroups/volumes I created on the first node. The second node can see the same disks, just not the diskgroups/volumes. I have been told that in order to see the diskgroups and such on the second node, they will have to be deported from node 1 and imported on node 2. That makes sense. We can't import them shared because we don't have the clusterware installed yet.

      All of these disk devices are raw and don't have any type of filesystem associated with them. I was able to form a cluster with 11gR2 before, but that was by pointing directly to the block device under /dev/rdsk/cxtydzsx, but that didn't provide any type of multipathing protection. The disks are luns being presented from an EMC CX480, and the same luns are presented to both nodes.

      I'm not finding the provided documentation very clear as to how exactly I need to setup the disks and what I need to do to get DMP working.

      Any advice would be appreciated