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    New site using UCM


      I have recently started looking into UCM and going through it's documentation. I want to set up a small sample website using UCM.

      I have installed developer edition of UCM on my machine. There were couple of issues as part of installation but I was managed to get them resolved!!

      I started looking into couple of start up guides like


      But these are more towards UCM administration instead of providing the details to create a simple website using UCM

      I understand these questions may be very basics for experts here but I appreciate if you can provide the necessary next steps.

      1) Steps or documentation to create content contribution forms
      2) Steps or documentation to create the web pages using UCM?
      3) Can I do this using UCM content server only or I need to use Site Studio

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          You do need Site Studio component for building websites that contributors use.

          I would reccommend going through the Ravenna Site Studio tutorial documents from the documentation library.

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            I think what you want is the Ravenna Example?

            SS is what you use for web content management, this tutorial shows you an introduction to creating the site you were mentioning, you can find all the things they want you to use when you download the Site Studio component. The guide should be inside that component also.

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              Great thanks for the pointer. I will look into the suggested document. Hopefully I should be able to move forward.
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                Thanks Folks,

                I was able to set up the Ravenna Hosting Tutorial..and able to see the site. This was exactly I was looking for.

                I am getting two issues at the moment.

                1) While building the search indexes, I am getting below error messages

                (internal) 02.19 12:50:44.906 TaskMonitor c:/oracle/ucm/server/custom/ContentAccess-win32/win32/lib/contentaccess/textexport.exe -c c:/oracle/ucm/
                server/vault/~temp/textexport/152665647.hda -f c:/oracle/ucm/server/search/IdcColl1/bulkload/~export/7276685F6661715F77686174697361736572766572.txt
                (internal) 02.19 12:50:45.056 TaskLauncher stdout The TextExport program was successful.

                (internal) 02.19 12:52:45.712 index rebuild work Error closing JdbcConnection. Error: Io exception: Software caused connection abort: socket write error
                (internal) 02.19 12:53:46.411 index rebuild work Error closing JdbcConnection. Error: Io exception: Software caused connection abort: socket write error

                Because of this I believe when I try to check the layouts or other components of the site, I am getting exceptions.

                2) When I try to launch the contributor mode (CTRL+SHIFT+F5), Java applet starts but it keeps on going into infinite loop and it is not showing me the actual screen..

                Will be great if you can help me out here..

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                  Any help on this please...I am unable to run the Ravenna site correctly because of issues with search indexes.

                  1) I have already enabled SearchIndexerEngineName=DATABASE.FULLTEXT
                  2) Furhter I have run batchsnippet.sql as well
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                    hmm did your indexing worked before you installed SS?
                    were you able to check-in content before this?
                    Im just trying to figure out if basically you had a working system before installing SS, if your indexing ever worked.
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                      Yes it was working fine before installing Site Studio. Content was indexed and collections were build successfully. But I had very few records at that time. After installing SS and Revanna site it has stopped working.

                      I believe if I turn off the fulltextindex setting then it will work again but I have not tried this still.
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                        I tried to build the index using METADATA only it has gone fine. So it is the problem with the FULLTEXT indexes and Revanna site needs FULLTEXT indexes.
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                          Srinath Menon-Oracle

                          You dont need content server to be full text indexed to run SS sites and ravenna. All you need to do is go to Administration - Zone Field Configuration and there add websitesections,websiteobjecttype and such other website related metadata to xoned index fields and then run the sites.

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                            Thanks Srinath, for the guidance. I played around with the query and identified the necessary fields and it is working fine now.

                            Further I had problem with Ephox which was failing to load and after choosing the Java version 1.5, this problem is also resolved.

                            As we are looking for the replacement of our existing CMS solution, with Oracle UCM, so I have few more questions/clarifications!!

                            1) We are querying the content server repository to build the navigation, bread crumb etc. If we need to make this site live, even then it will query back to the content server or archiver should be able to publish these files to live web servers? If we need to query the content server at run time then it adds a risk of public site failure on the event of content server failure.

                            2) Can I create XML files using SiteStudio designer and publish it to live application server?

                            3) Can we create any desired metadata and publish to the run time platform?

                            Appreciate your suggestions/response on this.

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                              Hey Amar,
                              you ask some great questions around architectural best practices for UCM/WCM public website deployments.

                              There are a number of options here that are optimized for different set ups. For instance, when is it best to separate contribution from consumption servers, how to deploy and publish from an internal server to an external server farm or web app, when to reverse proxy, when to cluster, when to put a cache/accelerator in front of the consumption side etc.

                              The first thing is that all these are possible and straight forward to accomplish but have scenarios that they are each better suited to.

                              The best bet is to engage with someone like a solution architect (like us here at Fishbowl or others who participate on this list) so that they can better understand exactly your business problems and scenarios. For instance, a high concurrency and transaction heavy site (e.g. MoneyGram - international money transferring- https://www.moneygram.com/) will need a different architecture than a high-medium concurrency information delivery site (e.g. The Doctors - http://www.thedoctors.com/index.htm, Land o Lakes - http://www.landolakesinc.com/) which will also be different from a "micro site" that is part of a larger architecture (like U of MN Physicians - http://www.umphysicians.umn.edu/) which is different from a portal (like BCBS MN - http://www.bluecrossmn.com/)

                              Those are all publicly accessible sites that we at Fishbowl have done.

                              I'm sure others who regularly participate on the list have their own examples as well.

                              Billy Cripe
                              Fishbowl Solutions
                              (+1 952.465.3454)