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    Resource bundle shared between many adf faces projects

      Oracle describes very detailed how you can add a resource bundle and use it for labes etc. in you form. However if want to re-use the bundle across projects, the information is limited.
      And that is of course what you always want to do ! Reuse bundles.

      Hi I made a "nls" project containing the resource bundles and a local file just to test the setup and it works for that project.

      I generated the project as an adf library !

      I my other project i added the berfore mentioned adf library and search for the resource bundles from the project property under "resource bundles". I can find my bundle that i want to reuse and
      i can also find it in my page when i want to add text to my input fields. The bundle i accessible from the "Select text resource" page and if i add new pairs, my reused bundle is actually maintained automatic.

      HOWEVER ! When i deploy the project i can tell from the server log that it can not locate my bundle.

      So what is the recommended way of reusing the resource bundles across projects ?

      ADF 11g Release 1 is used.