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    Import work orders from an external planning Application

      We need to bring on work orders from a planning application into JDE

      We have the following information:

      The Standard JDE "Z" files for bringing in WO's are the F47011/F47012 tables (Header & Detail).

      We will use the standard JDE Batch programs that run over the "Z" files to create the various document types, in this case, Work Orders. In the batch programs, there are "Processing Options" that indicate what version of the SOE (Sales Order Entry - P4211) program to use/validate as well as what version of the WOE (Work Entry - P48201) program to use/validate.

      These "Z" files are found on the G4721 menu. This menu is the generic sales order EDI menu that only has other menus off of it.

      Which is the exact menu and option used to process the two files mentioned?

      Thanks for the help