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    Oracle Workshop II LVC  for OCP Certification Price

      Hi all ,
      here is a serious question that Customer Service from France,UK or the US can not answer me , I call them all but no answers!!!!.

      It's been a year since I got my Oracle OCA certification. thinking about getting the OCP; I looked at the requirement and choose to go on for the Administration Workshop 2. this class if in the US will cost $3000 for the instructor led-training or LVC (live virtual class).
      1) I do understand that according to the country where the exam is taken the price tag is different.. exple: France 2950€≈4000$ , for the instructor led training..
      therefore been a little surprise I look for the LVC because why traveling or moving if I can take it on-line. did a little search and found that for the same training(Administration Workshop 2 LVC) if I select Romania as my home country ,for the LVC training the price is 3,200 RON==> 1,056$ , with different schedules and languages available for the trainer......
      so living in France I can just go ahead and register for that LVC training with the trainer language of my choice ,this having Romania as my home country ,pay the fees of 1,056$ , take my training online and therefore satisfied for the hands on course requirement ????????
      If any one can tell me please do so??? thanks in advance.
      ps: I'm just a student having hard time to afford that training and thus searching for ways to make it.. thanks Cyrille
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          My understanding is Oracle expects your body and workstation to be in Romania while you are taking the LVC class in Romania. If this is not the case then you may not be marked as successfully attended, even if you can actually technically managed to attend the course.

          For you to get most out of this you will probably need to ensure you have a good environment ... for instance a eurostar train is proably not a good environment .. particularly when broken down in a tunnel.

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            hi bigdelboy , are you sure about your info... so tell me this why on the LVC training guideline such as this page :http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=252
            its says;Note: If you are located in Europe or Asia and attending a class during regular business hours in the United States or Canada you will use standard teleconferencing for the audio portion of your Live Virtual Class. See the audio requirements page to know if you will be dialing into your class using a toll or toll-free line from your country. If you are located in the United States or Canada and attending a class during regular business hours in Europe or Asia you will use voice-over-IP (VoIP) to access the audio portion of the class......+++++>>>> meaning that Oracle agree that candidate can be located outside of the states but still take training from a live course giving in the US
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              also As someone told me, when not forbidden it's permitted, where can I read that I have to be physically in the country???????? if so : why live virtual class then....????
              I thought just like remote work, it's all a question of having the work done... even so, I can surely take a trip to Romania for a week and during that time at the hotel take my live virtual class if that helps....it's all about saving more than 2000$..... I think the amount it's all worth the trip!!!!!!!!?? what do you think??
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                More strange: its says :

                * An Oracle University Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time.
                * Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form.
                * Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made

                therefore this is my answer It's all about the registration form... humm interesting !!!!
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                  Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                  I checked with OU on this question and their response was "you must register for the course in the country you reside."

                  Brandye Barrington
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                    hi Brandye,
                    thanks for the message, another question what you mentioned is valid for instructor led-training or just for virtual class????
                    because let say I only understand English and I live permanently in France ,can I go to England and take my training over there ????
                    It's really frustrating when not knowing the correct answer about all those questions ! , also yesterday I received a call from an Oracle customer care agent, and a lady reassure me that yes it's possible to take a training from a different country ,even though price are different from one country to another, it's all about meeting guidelines by fulfilling the training and exams needed for certification!!!

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                      user647922 wrote:
                      because let say I only understand English and I live permanently in France , .....
                      ce n'est pas bon, mon ami, vous pourrait être pris pour un tour!!! ;-)


                      More seriously I don't think there has been any issues with people going to a different country to do training. Indeed some people will have had to have done it because it was not offered or was not offered at a convenient time in their own country.

                      However Oracle charges differently for the same course in different contries, and differently for different locations in the same country. At least a proportion of this relates to the expense cost of the location, and some probably relates to an acceptable price point for the country in question.

                      Obviously some have done it for economic reasons; and i have seen training offered by companies on this basis.


                      Lets take a example, lets say bigdelboy decides to take a dataguard course. He looks at the price for London UK and he looks at a price for Bangalore India.
                      Now the price in India is about 1/3 of that in London. however for bigdelboy there's the airfare to think about, the travel to think about, bigdelboy might have to consider travel innoculations and hotels and not knowing the area, and no logistical chance of a satisfaction guaranteed repeat and maybe even a visa to think about. (Whereas perhaps for bigdelboy's work colleague 'Fred' who is native to India and has family in Bangalore has a different cost/risk/benefit consideration).

                      (Thereagain if bigdelboy was prepared to take 4 * 5-day course consecutively the cost/risk/benefit might be different .... mind you one 5 day course at a time is enough to make the head throb).


                      Overall students will occasionally squeal about this but most can appreciate (at least to some extent) different pricing in different countries.


                      However with LVC's this looks a little different.
                      Obviously LVC's are priced similarly to real classes.


                      Obviously if I could buy an LVC from Bangalore at 1/3 the price of one from London while sitting in the parchment makers supping a lemonade then I'd probably go for the LVC from Bangalore!


                      Anyway this would drive a big torpedo through the Oracle University cost model and cause a lot of fall out.


                      - I've never taken one but would probably be concerned about it being less effective than classroom training.

                      There are probably some other good reasons for keeping an LVC within country though, these may IMHO include:
                      - Trainer would typically have more empathy with the country's culture.
                      - Less risk of internet delays / disruption to individual class members.
                      - Possibly issues with payments for services between countries.


                      Quite frankly IMHO Oracle University have little option but to impose this LVC from within country rule to seriously disrupting their training organisation or seriously increasing prices in some countries. In fact if they were forced to drop this rule they might well be forced to discontinue LVCs.


                      Basically the business people at Oracle University are not totally stupid and have calculated that if the allow people 'residing' (whatever that is defined as) in high cost counties to take LVC's delivered low cost countries they are likely to have significant problems and they will ensure this does not happen. I suspect people trying to circumvent this could have their course stopped and course fees foreit.
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                        Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                        I am not an expert on OU courses, so if my message is different from the information you received from the OU Call Center, I'd err on the side of OU.

                        However, my understanding is that for in-class courses, you can take the course in the country where you ARE. For instance, if you reside in India and are on assignment in the US, you could register for and take the test in the US while you are on assignment there. My understanding about the LVCs is that you have to take them in the country where you purchased them. But if you are receiving different information from OU, you should probably go with what OU says.

                        Brandye Barrington