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    Need a Help in Count() Product in Group based on Multiple Condition

      Hi All,

      I am designing Stock Report, which display the Count of each status(like good,damaged), grouped by Product.
      We are able to achieve this by using below syntax
      //****this code is to count number of products which are in Good Status
      <?end if?>
      <?end for-each-group?>

      <?end for-each-group?>

      In same group section i want to show in 1 more column count of available Products.condition is like
      If HHMLBucketStatus='Good' and Status= 'Available' and Ownership='Owned'

      here i am facing the problem, in above code if i use and condition, even though it showing count on single status.

      i need to show count as products which are good ,available and Owned.

      Please any one help me in this scenario, and correct me if going in wrong direction in above syntax.

      Quick responce is highly appreciated.