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    SVN Credentials and JDeveloper 11g

      Previous to installing JDeveloper 11g (, my Subversion credentials were cached and I was using TortoiseSVN 1.6.2 as a primary SVN client. I also support other developer IDEs for our project and those IDEs honored the cached credentials. After I installed JDeveloper, I logged into a repository in JDeveloper and was asked for my credentials, which I supplied. JDeveloper has remembered by credentials. However, when I now try to use TortoiseSVN for other work, it now requests my ID and oassword. While my cached credentials still exist in my Applications directory, TortoiseSVN continues to request my credentials.

      Does anyone know whether this is an artifact of the JDeveloper install or of the Subversion implementation within 11g? I would consider this a bug in JDeveloper.