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    Discoverer Excel Exports

      Hi All,

      I distribute reports via email, with discoverer command line and windows task scheduler.

      All the reports are exported from discoverer and fired off via email.

      The guys on blackberries cannot open the xls files. If i reopen the xls files and save as excel 2003, its fine.

      Its the pariticular format of the export that is the main issue.

      Is there a newer version of discoverer, or suggest another solution.

      I am thinking to just run a macro after the disco export, and save it as excel 2003, then fire off the email.

      PS> this is all automated.

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          Rod West

          Firstly, it could be macros in the Excel file, so try setting the preference ExcelExportWithMacros to 0. If is also worth exporting the files as csv or html and then opening with Excel, this often gives a better outcome.

          If those options don't work then try using VBScript to open the export file in Excel 2003 and save in the Excel 2003 version.

          Rod West
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            I agree that it's the macros that do all the formatting. You could edit the following line in your pref.txt with the following:
            ExcelExportWithMacros          = 1 #If this is made 0, the exported excel file won't have any macros and hence no formatting also..

            Of course this means that no one will get formatting when reports are exported to Excel


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              By the way, I'd be interested in see how you set up the email distribution process. I am exploring using BI Publisher to run the Discoverer Reports and using its scheduler to distribute. Need to run some patches on the Discoverer server first though.