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      Hi to all,

      I have a device (win32) which is not able to sync (using msync for example) because he has this error:

      If I try to de-install and re-install oracle lite the problem continue to exist.

      How can I solve this problem?

      thanks for all
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          error is server side, rather than client side which is why the re-install does not work (there are similar errors like 'slot deleted' in the POL_32xx range that can be fixed by a re-install)

          Problem is normally that there is an error in a publication item definition, so you first need to find out what it is

          If you have not already done so, from the mobile manager go to data synchronisation>administration>trace settings and set the SYNC trace level to ALL, type to ALL and users to the problem user name. set the destination to file, file size to about 20 and files to 10 (if you are restricted on space may need to set them to lower).

          Sync the user and you will get a number of trace files generated (data synchronisation>administration>trace files) in the format SYNC_username_number_fileid. ignore the .dat file for the moment (that is the data download), but open up the last file in the set and towards the botton you should find the error.

          likely causes are
          a) permissions problem preventing a read
          b) CMP$ or CTM$ tables not set up
          c) objects dropped in the main schema
          d) re-publish failed to reset the user properly
          e) problem with old version of upload tables

          if only happening to one user d) or e) is most likely as all of the others would affect everyone. If just the one user, try resetting the user (go to users>select application>data subsetting and cut, paste and save one of the parameters) and then do a new build