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    Building the latest release

      The latest release of the Incubator (from Friday 26th Feb) cannot be built using the bundled Ant files. All the Ant files contain the following line:
          <import file="../../tools/build/build-import.xml" />
      but the imported build-import.xml file is not available.

      It's not a show stopper as I can still build the code without Ant but does mean your build instructions on the Wiki are wrong

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          Hi Jonathan,

          Correct - we do have a slip-up with the latest release in terms of the build instructions. As the Incubator Project has evolved we have created a more elaborate build infrastructure internally to support more advanced testing and build tooling, and that is what you are seeing in terms of the import reference. For now, I suggest that you just ignore the build.xml in there and create one of your own.

          We will post back here when we have an updated instruction on how to build.

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            Updated build instructions for the latest release are now available here:

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              Those instructions are incomplete. They say nothing about resolving dependencies w/ ivy.

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                Brian Oliver-Oracle
                Thanks for letting us know. Sorry for the confusion.

                Good news is that we're in the process of re-packaging the Incubator distribution, including source code and examples, into a form that will make all of this easy.

                The plan is to release this as Incubator 10 (Patch 5). It's been a little delayed due to ensuring Patch 4 was released (which occurred yesterday).

                We're starting on Patch 5 next week.

                -- Brian