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    Is it possible to create configured bom that match the existing bom

      I use the standart configurator function in EBS.
      I have a ATO model BOM and I create a sales order for this model using configurator function.
      I have 6 options (Item 1 - Item 6) for this ato model and I select for 2 options (Item1 and Item2) in configurator.
      System create an item with "*" and a bom.
      Then I have revised this bom using ECO. I have added the third item which is already in ATO model to our "*" BOM.
      And our bom has 3 items. Item 1, Item 2 and Item3.
      When I create a new sales order with options item1, item2 and item3, system creates a new BOM. But I don't want it because system already has a BOM with item1-3. I find 2 options about this issue in master items form (tab bill of materials).
      One of them is "Create Configured Item, BOM". There are three choices "Based on sourcing", "Items based on model, boms based on sourcing", "based on model".
      The other option is "match configuration". There are three choices too. "Custom match", "No", "Standart Match".

      I want the system match the configuration based on the existing BOM ıf it exists. and I don't know what the setup process is for this issue. What options do I have to choose.

      Thank you
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          There is functionality in the Configure To Order process called "CTO Matching". In this scenario, during the Autocreate process, the system will check to see if the same item has already been created. If so, they system will re-use that item rather than create a new item. To turn this functionality on, you would set the following profiles:

          BOM: Match to Existing Configurations = Yes

          As you state, there are options that can control the matching functionality on a model-by-model basis. You will need the above profile set to Yes in order for the item-specific matching attributes to be applicable. There are many details regarding the matching functionality in the Configure To Order Process Guide.

          In addition, you specific example will never match as you intend. During the AutoCreate Configuration Items process, the system looks for a matching configuration. The problem is that the match procedure is not actually looking at the actual bill of material. It is looking at a table called BOM_ATO_CONFIGURATIONS. This table is loaded when the original configuration item was created.

          In your case, BOM_ATO_CONFIGURATIONS was loaded with options 1 and 2. When you manually added option 3 to the BOM, the BOM_ATO_CONFIGURATIONS table is not updated to reflect this change. So when you take a configuration for options 1, 2, and 3...a new configuration item will be generated. There is no front-end form for you to maintain the BOM_ATO_CONFIGURATIONS table.

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            Hello Engin, I have the same situataion.Did you get any workaround? Please let me know in case you found something, you can email me on c-ssingh@irco.com...Thanks