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    Chet Justice

      Sorry, but the ! doesn't seem to be working correctly, so you'll have to click through.

      The first column is from a dimension, the following 2 are measures from a fact table.

      Notice how the style is different? I don't want this...I want it to remain consistent.

      Using trusty firebug, I note the different classes being used.

      Dimension Column
      <th style="background-color: rgb(231, 231, 247); font-size: 9px; color: rgb(0, 51, 102);" class="ColumnHdg" scope="col" dir="ltr">Product Desc</th>
      Measure Column
      <th class="ColumnHdg" scope="col" dir="ltr">Basis Amount</th>
      I've grepped the web folder and couldn't find any reference to the style tag in the Dimension column. Those inline css statements are overriding the ColumnHdg class, but I can't seem to find where that is defined. It doesn't appear that any of the files have changed in the msgdb or res folders (timestamp is that of the install date).

      So my question is, where else can I look to see where that style attribute might be getting applied?