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    how to concatenate hexadecimal value to string in XQuery


      I have a requirement in my project where I have to concatenate the text value to hexadecimal \x01.
      I am using this hexadecimal \x01 as delimiter in MFL transform where the transform awaits \x01 at the end of the string.
      The query is like : fn:concat("abcd",'\x01')
      When I am exceuting the above query,the value \x01 gets concatenated to the text "abcd" and behaves as string and the MFL is not able to identify it as a hexadecimal (\x01) value.
      The O/P is : abcd\x01

      However.I want the value \x01 to be represented as hexadecimal 1 as I am using hexadecimal 1 (i.e. \x01) as delimiter in MFL transformation.

      With the staement fn:concat("abcd",'\x01'),I get XQuery exception while parsing the data.

      Can anyone please help me with the hexadecimal notation in XQuery and with the correct syntax of above XQuery to concatenate hexadecimal value to a string.

      Thanks in advance,