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    12.02 vs 12.1, are there any big changes

      We are running 12.02. Are there any major changes with 12.1 and would there be any benefit to upgrade? I can't find any information / release notes with sufficient information on 12.1 and CDH. I wish Oracle would publish more documentation on CDH, because as you can see from this forum, unless you have worked with the product the information on Oracle's web site is very very vague.

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          There are no major changes as far as the architecture is concerned. However, there are some enhanced features and some new profile options added for CDH flexibility. Some of them are listed below:
          *1. Percentage based threshold values*
          - Match Threshold and Override Threshold values can be specified as a percentage instead of a raw score
          *2. Address validation across firewall*
          - The third party address validation adapter can be implemented within the standard firewall configuration
          *3. Improved Performance of Create Merge Batch Process*
          - A new Profile "Enable DQM Merge Suggestion" created in the Create Merge Batch process
          *4. Improved Performance of System Duplicate Identification Tab*
          - The System Duplicate Identification Tab will show only the Batch details that are created by the Login User instead of all All Batch Details
          *5. Web Services*
          - New Web Services are based on the existing Business Object APIs
          - Spoke applications can leverage CDH Web Services to integrate with the Customer Data Hub

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            I managed to get the RCD for MDM. Please follow the link.


            If the above doesn't work, try to follow the metalink id *561580.1*