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    Oracle BI Master Detail RPT

      Financials modules

      Below is the report format and Example,

      Account GRP1(1-4 BU) GRP(5,4) GRP(6-11) TTL GL_ITL DELTA
      10121 $92 * 2 90 100 10

      BU's are Business Units, Here Company i think,

      Description: First column is account number, example is GRP1,BU,Account,Dept,Fiscal period
      Account number is at master Level.When i click account number 10121, it should drill down to all the details or child which it makes 92 dollers.

      Basically master detail report.But the format should be like this

      The question is whether our datware house pre built is supported to do this type of report or we need to custom some thing from the dataware house.
      What more information, i need to ask if i need more information from the client