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    TSAM couses crash

    Mats Ulvedal

      Now I really need TSAM to track a transaction over domains.
      But LMS couses the invloved server to crash, it's very obvious.
      When I shutdown LMS server it work's (well still with our problem) and when I start LMS again the server crash.

      Anyone with a good idea?

      TSAM for Tuxedo 10.3g

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Mats,

          I'm very surprised to hear you are having problems with servers crashing due to LMS. In fact, it's hard to imagine how that can occur since the LMS in Tuxedo 10gR3 is a standard Tuxedo server that other servers invoke via a tpacall(). So how that can crash one of your application servers is beyond me. Please contact Oracle customer support and open a case as there should be no possible way for the LMS to cause your servers to crash.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            Mats Ulvedal
            Yes, I agree.

            But It was so clear, after I shutdown LMS the server did not crash.
            I will do some more testing before I contact support, in this case our framework, COBOl and C was involved.
            So anything could happend...............