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    Process configuration and failover

      - An organization has 3 groups that can be separated for scheduling purposes in ORS
      - We have two quad-CPU machines (one for fail over)
      - We have 1 CPU core assigned to each of the three groups
      - We have 1 MWM server machine for dispatchers

      1. Do we need 3 SmAuto processes running on the server (one for each of the three groups)?
      2. If #1 = yes, then do they all need to be running with the same cost profile? (note that the one instance of MWM is managing the dispatching function for all three groups)
      3. If #1 = yes, do we need more than one Gateway process running?
      4. If #1 = yes, do we then need to have one Switch process running for each SmAuto or do we even need to run the Switch process?

      - Would a recommended approach to setting up a failover plan be to have the second machine to have the same processes running only in a secondary mode? So, should one of the processes fail on the primary server, the process on the secondary server would automatically take over. If not, then what would be the suggested approach to have automatic failover?