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        Becoming a DBA is going a very technical career path, you will gradually become involved with hardware, operating system and even applications; it's not a must that your profile get that broad, but if you want to be real-good everything counts.

        It's a very demanding path, since you may carry a pager/celular or whatever the device to locate you 7/24 (if you have the luck to land a 365 days operation business), maintenance activities are programmed during non-operational hours, or less-impact-to-the-business programed windows, like sundays or nights. If something is wrong with the system, the first place spoted is the database, therefore the DBA is under fire... but don't worry, you'll get the skills to solve any issue or diagnose it is not a DB one.

        The pace a DBA is required to learn things, most of the time selfstuding, is above normal but it's very rewarding to accomplish something or learn new stuff.

        You will need pasion and love for this career path (as it's needed for any, I guess), with a mysticism bit.

        PS: I've also made the switch from Oracle Applications Analyst to DBA, and I don't regret my decision, I'm quite happy and pasionate about my present career path.


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          I am Master in Computer science with 5+ years of IT experience , but i am in to QA , Java Programming and basic Oracle db skills.

          I would like to change my career in to DBA or some other Oracle related stuff , what would be the better position to start with ?

          Is it worth to do OCA ?
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            Hi Kuljeet Pal Singh ,
            My name is Ranjith. Working as a sql/plsql/ consultant.. "m preparing for my dba.. Would like to have a chat with with you.. can u please send your email id to *renji.smrithi@gmail.com*. this week 'm completing one year. I'm preparing for dba. oca admin 1 (sybex) 'm using also jus started first time rough reading of admin 2. planning to write the sql prerequsite and admin 1 by jan -feb and ocp by march april.

            need some input.. it'll be of great help if we can have a chat..

            thanks and regards
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              Im 20 years old, ive worked ideally for several years as editior in chief, running a game network etc. Then i went for economics in high school. Afterwards i studied oracle dba (compact education for 1.5 years), then i got hired as an oracle dba, junior. :)

              What you need is contacts to get a work. If you go the official way you wont find any, and if you find any they will want a senior dba. And they wont probably even search. But they NEED, and this is where the contacts come in hand.

              Im from Sweden, and we are only 9 million people, and almost all oracle dba is in Stockholm, thus everyone know each other, and networking is important.
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                Dear Pie-men.
                I'm Aleh from 'mobilcom austria group' and interesting in a Oracle DBA job especially in Stockholm. I would ask You to connect with me via o_mix@tut.by.
                Sorry to disturb You but I dont have any frends in Sweden. I houp You will help me.

                BR, Aleh.
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                  This is a good thread. I have a somewhat different take - that may only speak to my personal experience and nothing more.

                  I was a Developer. Then DBA. Now back to developer. (note: in there I was a Data Warehouse Admin and my career is focused on building DW/BI systems).

                  Tom Kyte has said this many times but DBA and a Developer are two different breeds of people. If you like one, there's a good chance you'd probably not like the other.
                  I know I like being a Developer much more for a few reasons, largely b/c many of the pure DBA tasks are just not that interesting to me. Backups, recovery, space monitoring, etc, etc...not my thing.

                  I like to build things so prefer the Dev path. though I will admit there are tasks as a DBA I miss, particularly have ALL the control to performance tune and be the gatekeeper - maybe an ego thing :)

                  Another reason I like the Dev path is my personal life. I have a young family and many interests outside of work that I devote time to. Being a DBA i walked around with a pager and was always tied to work. I HATE pagers. As a developer doing only project work I'm not even sure my new company knows my home phone #. I like that.

                  Also, as an industry (other please comment here) I am seeing some changes. My last company was a small shop. I now work in a big shop. Both places have very, very few internal DBAs and most is outsourced and continues to be. If I wanted a job as a DBA here I'd have a hard time finding it.
                  Interestingly enough, i discovered a DBA pay grade is actually lower than mine (i'm officially a Tech Lead for data delivery DW/BI projects).

                  In the end, you gotta do what you enjoy both specifically and from a broad perspective. Considering pay, lifestyle, job demands, satisfaction, etc.

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                    Rafi (Oracle DBA)
                    Hi Garry,
                    You are in ther right forum.But,as far as my personal suggestion start with sql/pl sql developer jobs slowly move to DBA by developing skills since in DBA jobs right now they are looking for 3 yrs of experience.keep studying until you develop skills and experience.All the best.

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                      To become Oracle DBA you need to know atleast the Database administration syllabus like ... http://sssedu.in/courses.aspx.
                      down load the pdf which has all the course contents.
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                        I think yes, you can feel the reward when you provide the required help to customers , as you have
                        noticed at the beginning you will sacrifice the money against the opportunity to work as DBA , but
                        once you have the experience the next step is continue learning in this wonderful world of databases,

                        another thing is you can enrole with people with many experience and you could learn a lot from them,
                        not only the knowledge, else the habits of being a good DBA.

                        best regards and good luck in your choice !


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                          I don't get it. You registered back in 2008.

                          And your very first post is 3 years later, where you resurrect a 6 year old thread by responding to it.


                          I deal with logic every day - after all, computers are binary. So I find it utterly fascinating when I see an act that defies all logic - and then wonder what are the reasons and motives behind it, used for justification of that act...
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                            Hi all,

                            Im just curious. Maybe my concept is wrong.
                            Why is that only Oracle has emphasized the need of "in depth" management of the database? using a full capacity DBA?
                            Why is that I do not hear about full pledged DBA for SqlServer? It it true that their database is auto or self-managing?

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                              Karan Kukreja

                              Hi All,


                              Well , this has been going on in my mind for the last 3 weeks.. that is it even worth being a DBA ? Let me tell you why i feel DBA's life is the worst life to live :


                              1. You are 24X7 on fire and as you become the senior , you are caught more into all this.
                              2. Irrespective of having work or no work , you have to sit up all night in order to maintain the so called signed SLA.

                              3. Weekends are spent in office ( well most of them) and you get mon-tuesday off as a compensation ? tell me what will i do on a mon-tuesday ?

                              4. My shifts keep rotating faster than the earth's rotation. Every week a new shift...my body just cant adjust.  and then you cannot change routine of weekly rotations because the one in the night shift will die.

                              5. I am so - so frustrated right now , its 11:50 PM , saturday night , people are enjoying.. people are living a life... and here , I am stuck in the office... watching my screen waiting for some work to come.. but hey , i know , nothing would come up.. coz everyone / every client we support would be sleeping right now.. so what am i supposed to do right now sitting idle ? i google my future.. and I see that I am not alone... i have people who have the same concern...


                              Right now , when i see the developers are paid more than what we are paid , i feel I am paying a very very heavy price for this career which i did not even chose !!! graduated from college and deployed into DBA.


                              Have i got no right to have a normal 9-6 Mon-Fri life like the rest of the world has ?


                              I have lost my friends , dont get to meet them , i miss my family get togethers ( mostly held on weekends), this rotational job has just made my life dull , boring and sad.I have no personal life .. i am neither paid too well...

                              what do i Do...


                              I am sure who so ever would be reading it right now would be wondering what crazy person I am .. but trust me .. i am just going nuts right now and sharing what I feel here will just help me...Phew !!! God Bless All.




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