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    Customization Manager  & Pre-requisite

    Franck James
      The documentation says the following when creating a custom patch :

      "Enter in Prerequisite information (applies to Release 11i packages only). For Release
      11i packages, you can enter one or more prerequisite patch numbers that can be
      used for deployment validation with AD utilities."

      Why is this functionality just available for 11i ?
      Is there a different way for managing pre-requisite in R12 ?

      Thanks in advance for your answer
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          This feature provides a way to attach one or more prerequisite patches (standard or custom) to a given custom patch. However, it relies on the underlying Oracle patching utility (adpatch) support. For Release 12 and above, the prerequisite validation support from Oracle patching utility has changed and can no longer be used for custom patches. Hence, this feature is not available for Release 12 custom patches.
          As a workaround, I would suggest either to document the prerequisites for the given custom patch and follow it during patch deployment or to ensure that all files within the prerequisite patches are directly included into the given patch.

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            Franck James
            Thank you very much for the answer