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    Error in writing to directory /tmp/OraInstall2009-05-06_10-44-05AM.


      Am trying to upgrade OID using patch.How evr when am invoking the installer it is prompting the following error.

      Checking installer requirements...

      Checking operating system version: must be redhat-Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4, redhat-2.1, redhat-5, SuSE-9 or UnitedLinux-1.0

      All installer requirements met.

      Checking Temp space: must be greater than 400 MB. Actual 9879 MB Passed
      Checking swap space: must be greater than 1536 MB. Actual 33025MB Passed
      Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. Actual 65536 Passed
      Checking if CPU speed is above 450 MHz. Actual 1992 MHz Passed
      Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2009-05-06_10-44-05AM. Please wait ...sh: /u02/oracle/product/OIM: No such file or directory

      Error in writing to directory /tmp/OraInstall2009-05-06_10-44-05AM. Please ensure that this directory is writable and has atleast 60 MB of disk space. Installation cannot continue.
      : Success
      [oracle@stcfmw02 install]$

      Please anyone suggest on this!!!!

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          u can follow this note: 731985.1 else try removing the /tmp/OraInstall dir and rerun the installer.

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            If you have downloaded a zip file and unzipped it using windows it gives out that error.

            Unzip the file with winzip and start the OUI.
            And it should run.
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              Roberto Barrera
              What Linux do you have?
              Is TMP with enought space?
              Do you have the media copied in the filesystems? where?

              Did you try to clear the tmp directory for any garbage?

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                I've got the same error when installing database on x86 solaris and found the solution for my problem.
                On windows box, I have unziped the downloaded archive and burn ISO image to use in solaris environment. The problem was with names - ISO filesystem has truncated filenames to 8 chars, f.e. runInstaller was "runinsta", etc.
                Using "truss" command, I have discovered that the error message appears when installer tries to access a long filename from ISO disc.
                Solution was to burn another ISO image, but with another filesystem type - UDF. After mounting, all names was OK and installer started without any problems.
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                  Olaf Heimburger-Oracle
                  For security reasons some admin put restrictions on the /tmp directory (for a good reason). You can change the default setting of the tmp directory used during installation by setting the environment variables TMP and TEMP to a different directory. Don't forget to set BOTH!!! variables.