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    Recording in a Campaign

      I'm looking for a way to invoke the Record Action Menu type in a campaign and then have the recording played for people when they enter our IVR. Like when an ISP does an Outage Report in the hopes you will hang up and just wait for your internet to come back online.

      I know I can do this by assigning a Company Prompt and having someone update with a silent WAV file or a pre-recorded one, but I am trying to find a way to automate it.

      Has anyone ever done this before?
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          In a Campaign there are two ways to play a recording:

          Play Prompt
          Play Variable (as a prompt)

          You can get the Variable from a database query (or stored procedure), so this may be your best getting something going quick without a lot of dev work.

          You will still need to have something, automated, that updates a DB table.

          You will still also need to have recordings already uploaded to choose from.

          Does this sound like something that will work for you?
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            What you have recommended here is very close to what I had planned. I was hoping there was a simpler way of accomplishing it but I guess not.

            Thank you for the response.
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              Play Prompt under the Campaign Action Menu, has a radial labelled "Record File Name". Anyone know where this looks when trying to find the filename? I tried running some tests and reviewing the logs but I could not find what I was looking for.
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                I may not have understood your original question... are you looking for:

                1) A way to play back dynamic recordings in a campaign
                2) Allow a customer to leave a recorded message in a campaign?
                3) Play a live audio stream in a campaign
                4) Something else
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                  1) & 2)

                  I want my NOC team to be able to call our helpdesk IVR, hit a secret option like 9 and record an outage message. That message should then play for anyone calling into the helpdesk. I can have them do this manually by recording the outage message in something like Audacity and then replacing a specific Library Company Prompt with their recording. I would prefer to automate it though.
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                    OK, so please correct me if I am wrong but woudl this work:

                    -- The IVR can always be 'looking' for an advisory prompt
                    -- If the prompt is empty, the IVR just plays and no customer ever knows that it is in there
                    -- If the prompt is not empty, customers will hear the recording

                    Does that work for the playback part?
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                      Yes, I believe that would work.

                      Would the advisory prompt be a variable, Library entry or File Name? Variable & Library would work nicely, using File Name seems to have an odd outcome of playing a system prompt first: "Please wait while we look for that recording" or something like that.
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                        The play prompt has a varaible option so yes that would probably work well for this.

                        There would be silence if there is no file found.

                        As with anything there are many ways to go about this, you can also, if you wish, use business events as well and only look for the WAV if a flag is flipped i.e. a business event is found. Or more simplistically just alway play it and in most cases just have a blank (empty) file so there is no audio/no delay at all in the 'advisory' part of your call treatment.

                        It may be best however to combine these functions so when you go to your internal/private IVR to control this you can play a prompt that says 'are you sure you wish to activate this' and then have that part flip on your business event.