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    Oracle Jena Plugin and "?Resource" in select

      If I execute a SPARQL query like below:

      SELECT ?Resource where { ?Resource ?p ?o .}

      In Jena, it generates the following SEM_MATCH query that results in an error:

      (SimpleLog.java:57) - Final clause = SELECT Resource$RDFVTYP, decode(Resource$RDFVTYP, 'BLN', ('_:'||substr(Resource,instr(Resource,'m',4)+1)), Resource) Resource FROM table(sdo_rdf_match('(?Resource ?p ?o) ', sdo_rdf_models('model_name_here'), null, null, null, NULL,' '))

      which results in a ORA-00936: missing expression.

      If I change the select statement to something like ?Res rather than ?Resource, a proper statement is generated and I get no error. Is resource a reserved keyword or something? Are there a list of these somewhere?