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    Why is this dynamic action not getting triggered/fired ?

      I'm new to Apex, and wanted to see and try out what Apex is all about. I'm using Application Express ( Apex 4.0 EA2 ). I've created a tabular form, with few fields. Each of the field are not direct entry, but rather a LOV picker is attached to these, and on selecting the LOV value, the id gets stored in the field.

      I have a dynamic action associated to the field, ( event - change in item, condition - always, action - Set value via SQL query ).
      However, on selecting the value from the LOV, the dynamic action doesn't get triggered. If I select the dynamic action to be fired on page load, then it works but not upon selection of an item from the LOV. Why is this so, is it by design or a bug ?

      You can check out this problem/bug/issue over at my Apex instance @ http://tryapexnow.com/apex/f?p=15586:4:3692705108994677::::: ( no auth required).