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    Order Line Items (hierarchy) automatic load.


      I need to know if I can reproduce an Order Line Items load by eScript.

      The scenario is the following: when I go to Order and I create a Line Item, I can pick an applet, choose a Product from Catalog and confirm it. If the product I choosed is a complex product (i.e. a Bundle or a Promotion) all the related line items are automatically load.

      I tried to reproduce the same behavior by eScript. I created a new record and I used the Pick() function to pick a promotion from catalog. In this second scenario only the Root is created (not the line items children).

      Can I reproduce the same behavior by eScript?

      Thank you.
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          in eScript you need create a structure where you fill the Root Id's. Example:

          Order Id Row Id: E-KAJ

          Product A Row Id: 1-234
          Component A Row Id: 2-AOT
          Component B Row Id: A-BOR

          Columns in table S_ORDER_ITEM
          Product A E-KAJ 1-234
          Component A E-KAJ 1-234 1-234
          Component B E-KAJ 1-234 1-234

          Find the respectivies fields in BC "Order Entry - Line Items" and fill the fields using with base the example above.