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    Oracle Database 10g restore from FRA backup only

      Hello all,

      this is my first post here.
      I'm new to Oracle, so my question may sound silly to some of you.

      I have installed Oracle 10g on a Windows 2003 Server and have configured the FRA to be on a separate Hard Drive.
      I have configured the autobackup of controlfile and archived redo logs to be stored in FRA also.
      I have created one test database, and then a full bacakup + incremental backups.

      My question is, in case of a total media falure of the Windows 2003 drive, i will have only the FRA backups on the second HDD available.

      How can I restore the database using backups from FRA only? I will do a clean install of Windows and Oracle 10g. What to do next ?

      Thanks in advance