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    Workflow Notifications are delaying


      Workflow Notifications are delaying a lot,

      EBS: 11i
      OS: Linux
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Any errors in the workflow log file?

          Did you try to bounce the services and see if it helps?

          Any errors at the OS level? Try to send an email from the OS and see if you can reproduce the issue.

          Please see if (Note: 579916.1 - Email Notification Delay For Approval) is applicable.

          Also, run the Workflow Diagnostics test from "Oracle Diagnostics Tool" responsibility, and see if it returns any error/warning messages?

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            Are you talking about WF notifications in general (From the Notifications summary page in the App) or specifically email notifications (Some notifications may not have an associated email feature enabled). For emails not coming out on time, I would check the WF_NOTIFICATIONS queue table, have faced issues with the queue clogging up ue to excess surges in volume and the WF Notification Mailer not able to clear on time. Sometimes the Notification mailer just stops working also, log files would be of the format FNDGPCSC*.txt under your APPLCSF/log directory or FND_TOP/log (if APPLCSF env variable is not used). Creating additional WF listeners (Through OAM) helped the performance of handling high volumes in the notifications queue. Also with the notification mailer, it is always good to check the IMAP mailbox that you are using.