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    Views on SEM_MATCH query with filter


      When creating a "normal" view upon a SEM_MATCH query with filter you have to select both columns in the filter.

      With this: "filter => 'syn1 <> syn2" in the SEM_MATCH query I get "ORA-00904: "IS_SYN_FOR": invalid identifier" when selecting from the "normal" view - unless I select both "syn1" and "syn2"

      Select COUNT (*) gives the same error.

      Select * is OK.

      Regards - Christian
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          I have having a bit of trouble understanding your problem. Could you please post the entire SQL statement that is giving the problem. Also, is there a reason you are using the SEM_MATCH filter argument rather than the SPARQL syntax FILTER support inside the SEM_MATCH graph pattern?

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            Hi Matt

            Yes it's a little hard to read - should have been "filter => 'syn1 <> syn2" (which is a SPARQL filter).

            I think the error comes from that you must specify both syn1 and syn2 in the select line; i.e. with the filter above you can't say:

            select syn1 from FROM TABLE (SEM_MATCH (...

            Regards - Christian