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    Software Protection Code

      What to do when you entered all the require info JDE System Values screen and when try to log in received a Code 4- Software protection code invalid (SPC or Maximum users).
      I enter on the web site to generate my key but keep getting the same error. The SPC is the one generated from the website and the Max users=20.
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          I would enter a service request with Oracle Support on this. Something is not right. Either you entered the wrong information when trying to generate your software protection code, or you made an error in inputting the software protection code, would seem to be the most likely problem here (seem being the key word). Oracle support should be able to dial into your system and see what is going in. Since we in this forum cannot access your system, makes it tough to give you a good reason for what is happening. So contact Oracle support. Good luck.

          John Dickey
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            thank you.
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              I´m trying to instal StandAlone in my machine, but I´m having problems to find this Software Protection Codes. Is there anywhere I can download it?

              Thank you.
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                john dickey, mccarthy
                I am not sure if there is a place to download a software protection code. So much has changed since JD Edwards was bought by Peoplesoft, and Peoplesoft was then bought by Oracle, and I have not needed to deal with SPC in many years. You definitely need a support agreement for JDE World to even be able to get a software protection code generated. You would need your AS/400 serial number and other processor information. You definitely want to contact Oracle support (JDE World portion) to find out how to get the software protection code. Oh, doesn't your install instructions have instructions on how to obtain and install the Software Protection Code. It should have that information.
                By the way, when you say standalone on your machine, are you talking about a PC? If you are, then you might be in the wrong forum. JDE World can ONLY be installed on an IBM AS/400 computer. It cannot run on a PC. So you may be working with JDE Enterprise One (One World). If you are trying to install JDE Enterprise One, there is actually a separate forum for that. If you go back to the forum home and scroll down past JDE World, you will then find the JDE Enterprise One forum. So you would want to post this item there if you truly are trying to install Enterprise One on a PC.
                Technically there is a large difference between World and Enterprise One.
                John Dickey

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