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    Via headers in outgoing requests

      When creating an outgoing request with SipFactory or proxy using OCCAS the request does not have a top via before it is sent on network.

      Initially the via transport and address cannot be set until the request is bound to an interface but parameters like the branch could be useful. Other JSR-289 containers expose this header with empty address and transport but allow adding additional parameters.

      This could be used when selecting outgoing telephony network port on for Cisco GW by adding a "x-route-tag" on top Via.

      Is this a configurable behavior or am I the only one trying to use "x-route-tag" using OCCAS?

      An other observation we did was when receiving an branch response in the proxy the top via was already popped. Normally you pop the via on the final response before you send it again to servlet JSR-116 style. But the initial branch response should not have the via popped since valuable information may be lost.

      Is this a related problem?