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    Setup Manager - Deliver setup through a patch

    Franck James

      If I understand, setup in setup manager is made of 2 types :
      * XML files for BC4J APIs
      * LDT files for FNDLOAD

      I know it is easy to add a ldt file into a patch and deploy it as a customization.

      Is it possible to do the same with xml files ?

      In another words, is there a way to put the XML file or the even the ZIP file containing the XML into a patch in a way that adpatch will run the appropriate BC4J API and load the setup ?

      Standard documentation speaks about all the supported file types for customization manager but the actions performed per file type are not documented.

      Thanks in advance for the answer.
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          Hi Franck:

          Currently, BC4JAPI XML files are not supported to be included into a customization package. They are iSetup/Setup Manager specific files which are to be loaded using iSetup/Setup Manager. During the load process, iSetup/Setup Manager takes care of orchestrating setups in the correct order and does certain pre-validation check as well. You can use the load functionality within Setup Manager to load these setups across multiple instances.