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    P6 Ver 7  Server Install steps

      I am new at P6.
      I want to setup server and web access for employees.

      I download files from oracle web.

      Server: Windows 2003 with IIS 6
      Client: XP or Vista ( by web or client application)

      Where do i begin to setup in server ?
      Do i need install client application to windows 2003 ?

      Can anybody give me some idea where i can begin?

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          Normally the IT department in every company installs and maintain the server related issues.
          I would suggest taking their help if possible.
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            Hi there,

            I've installed this product many many times. To begin, be aware you've taken on a bit of a challenge, especially if you've never done a Primavera install before. Web Access is a complicated beast and requires some software outside of the install packs.

            0) Read the documentation. Not sure if you downloaded the documentation media pack, but the complete install instructions are included. Look for the administrative guide - it should explain how to install all apps.

            1) I would begin with your database. Primavera supports either Oracle or Microsoft SQL. If your IT department doesn't already have an enterprise install of either of these, then you can use the scaled-back free versions - Oracle XE is the free Oracle db engine. MS SQL 2005 express is the free microsoft engine. But be aware that these free versions have limitations on the number of users that can connect to them. Do a google search for either to download and install. Google either engine, tag on the word "limitations" to understand what you are not getting with the free versions.

            2) Java SDK. Web Access uses a Java SDK that must be installed on your server before you install Web access. Check the documentation for the appropriate version you will need. Goto http://java.sun.com/product/archive/ It's usually the JDK/JRE - 6 (6 Update 14) but check your install doc first - it depends on what version of Primavera you are installing.

            3) You will likely need to install both the Windows client, and the Web Server. Install the Windows client first - follow the documentation.

            4) Install the Web Access server - this is a tricky install - it still needs other software addons for document management and workflow functionality. Again, follow the install doc in the documentation media pack.

            Best of luck. Take your time, read all of the documentation. Be prepared to uninstall and restart if you mess it up. Get help from your IT department.

            Michael Lepage
            Sr. P6 Consultant & Trainer
            CPM Solutions Ltd.
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              Really appreciate your help.
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                Currently I have 1 user that uses P6v7. We have the Database running on Oracle 10g XE on a Windows 2008 R2 Server. She is running the client on a windows XP machine, however the client is running rather slow so we are looking at trying to do Web Access instead of her running the client.

                I read through the Admin Guide and it looks like you have 3 options: JBOSS, WebLogic and WebShpere. So what is included in the the Web_Access and Web_Services folders? I looked further down the guide and it goes into using the Install Wizard from the Web_Access folder.

                Do I need to have 1 of the 3 installed before doing the Install Wizard for Web Access? If I'm not mistaken, but JBOSS, WebLogic and WebShpere need a license to run those.
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                  Yep you need one of the three before you install the web. JBoss is limited and Webshpere you have to pay for so I'd go with WebLogic it's free with P6 (unless you already have WebSphere licenses).

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