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    SQL Developer Windows Config

      Hi all,

      I used to have a window in SQL developer which would display information on my stored procedures such as compiled, compiled with errors etc. It also gave a list of compile errors and gave line numbers.

      I seem to have lost this window from the bottom of my screen and cannot seem to get it back.

      Is anyone aware of how I can return to the default layout or get this window back?

      Thanks for your help
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          Try View - Log.

          Hope that helps,
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            I thought that the screen I was looking for was the log screen but when I do view -> log nothing appears on my screen
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              Then it seems to got "pushed off" the screen.
              Delete the windowinglayout.xml file (in Windows in your user profile somewhere under the hidden Application Data\SQL Developer), to have it recreated with the default layout.

              Hope that helps,
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                Thanks for your help
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                  A question in a similar vein, if I may...

                  I've been trying to find the Compiler-Log window off and on all day...and I just can't find it!

                  I created a package that returned a warning that it did not compile properly, but I cannot find the list of statements that caused the errors.

                  In SQL Developer 1.5.5 I was able to see an option to Compile the package when I right-clicked on the package. That would open up a 'Compiler - Log' window and show the error messages and the lines they occurred on.

                  However, I am now using SQL Developer 2.1.1 and when I right-click on the package I do NOT see the option to Compile. I see a list: Edit / Run / Debug ... instead of: Edit / Open / Run / Compile / Compile for Debug.

                  I am assuming that the Compile and Compile Log options were not removed from SQL Developer (cause that would be more than just a pity), and that I am missing something so obvious that I can not see it.

                  Can anyone tell me how I can see the list of errors and the lines they are on so I don't have to keep running SQL Developer 1.5.5 just to see them???

                  Thank you.
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                    Is the connected user the owner of the objects?
                    Does the menu work on functions/procedures?
                    Do you get the log window when compiling in the PL/SQL editor (rather than the worksheet or script)?

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                      Sorry it has taken me so long to revisit this issue, but I have been working outrageous hours and just got tired of opening up SQL Developer 1.5.5 again just to compile a Package.

                      Answer to your questions:
                      1) yes, I am connected as the schema owner of the package
                      2) I do not see any way of compil9ing functions or procedures either
                      3) That is the whole problem I am dealing with...I cannot find anywhere how to compile the packages, functions or procedures using the current version of SQL Developer

                      Can anyone please tell me how to compile packages???

                      I need to compile them in order to see the errors that occur when performing a 'CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY....' for updates to a package.
                      If there is a way to see the errors and where they occur other than compiling that would be fine. It's just that I've found that being able to compile a package, and seeing the line numbers and the line numbers for each of the error (yeah, occasionally I get more than one ;-)

                      Thank you...
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                        As K asked...are you opening the package as a script and running it, or doing it from a worksheet? Once an object has been deployed, whether it failed to compile or not, you should be able to find it listed under in the connection browser under Packages/Procedures/Functions respectively.

                        When you open a stored procedure from within the connection navigator, you will see the code come up in a new panel. At the top of that is a button with 2 gears...which is compile. Or you can right click and compile. Or you can save...which is effectively compile. If there are compilation issues, they will be listed below in one of the logs.

                        I couldn't say if you could get the same messages from running as a script or worksheet. I haven't bothered trying that in ages.
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                          I run the CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY... from within a SQL Worksheet. I only get to see that it compiled with errors, but cannot see a list of errors to see what they are in order to fix them.

                          When I select a package from the connections list tree on the left, it opens up the package in a tab in the right pane. I do not see the button with 2 'gears' you are referring to on the top. When I right click on either the package spec or body I do NOT see the 'Compile' option I see in SQL Developer 1.5.5. I guess I wouldn't even need to see that if I could see a list of the errors and where in the package they occur. But I cannot find the 'log' which would list those errors.

                          Any suggestions???
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                            If you're not seeing compile options, or can't open up the log with View -> Log, and resetting your layout as K mentioned above to the other user isn't working...I'd be concerned that your install of 2.1.1 was messed up. When you unzipped it, did you put it in it's own directory or mix it in with an older release?


                            And if worse comes to worse...this should work.
                            show error pkg/func/proc_name;
                            but I'd be more concerned that your instance of SQL Developer seems messed up.

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                              Thank you for your interest in this problem.

                              However, please forgive me because I realize that I left out an important piece of the puzzle...the OS I am running under.

                              The SQL Developer 2.1.1 that I have been having difficulties with has been run under Ubuntu/Linux 10.4 my preferred workstation for development, and the SQL Developer 1.5.5 that shows the Compile option correctly is running under Windows XP (where I only go to when I do not have an appropriate Linux app).

                              I just downloaded SQL Developer 2.1.1 for Windows and installed it on the Windows laptop, and it does show the Compile option as expected (I know, I should have done this way sooner, but as I stated Linux is where I do most of my work).

                              I guess that begs the question of "Why does the Compile option not show up under Linux"? Any suggestions as to where to go from here?


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                                I am having the same problem. Running Ubuntu 9.10 using SQL Developer Message Log shows up but no compiler log when compiling procedures with errors. I do have this working on a Ubuntu 9.10 SQL Developer 2.1.1.X at home but I am travelling. I did a install of SQL Developer on 11.25.2010. Works fine except for this issue (which is a major one. Basically flying blind). I have no idea what the differences are between my two installs (except for minor rev. differences since my install at home was done in Sept. 2010). I am under a somewhat tight deadline but it seems my productivity will be so low without the compiler error log that I am going to wait until I get home to continue.

                                I find it hard to believe that it is an install issue since all the other windows I have used seem to work fine. I am very interested in any solutions to this problem.