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    Selectively pulling members in dataform based on a page dimension

      I have an entity dimension having business units and location dimension having cost centers. for example,
      I placed --> just to show you the hierarchy properly and has no meaning to the dimension member. Hyperion planning version 11

      Entity(gen 1)
      -->X1(gen 2)
      -->X2(gen 2)
      ----->X3(gen 3)
      -------->X4(gen 4)
      -------->X5(gen 4)
      ----->X6(gen 3)
      -------->X7(gen 4)

      Location(gen 1)
      -->Y1(gen 2)
      ----->Y2(gen 3)
      ----->Y3(gen 3)
      -->Y4(gen 2)
      ----->Y5(gen 3)
      ----->Y6(gen 3)
      and when we do allocation, user will select the member in entity dimension which is a page dimension in a data form.
      Is it possible when he selects X4 it should only bring Y2 and Y3 from location dimension and when the user selects X7 it should only bring Y5 and Y6.

      If my question is not clear, please let me know. Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.