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    Content DB -> Content Server Deployment

      I know Content Server is a deployment option on top of Content DB. Can anyone confirm that this deployment option would require a Oracle UCM or Oracle ECM Suite license (indicating that Content Server is a specific component of UCM)?

      Thank you.
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          sorry this question doesn't make much sense to me. Content Server is the repository technology of UCM and cannot be deployed on top of CDB. Content Server and CDB are two completely different technologies.
          There once was a software bundle available named Content DB Suite, which contained both, CDB and Content Server from a license perspective. But it existed to give customers a choice of what they want to start with depending of what they want to achieve in the future. Bundled as a license but technically totally different.

          Today, you would need to buy a UCM license to get Content Server. Unfortunately CDB is not on the price list anymore.

          Hope that helps.