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    CEP Design Pattern for Multiple Streams

      Hi All,

      I am working on a solution which i am trying to solve using CEP. I would need to understand what is the recommended pattern in CEP
      to solve such problems. Would also request for some low level implementation details as i am new to this technology.

      Here are the details

      I have two streams e.g Stream A and Stream B

      Stream A contains the list of trasactions (service usage transaction) by the customer and
      Stream B contains the billing transactions for the usage.
      Now there is a requirement to check if there are any service usage transaction (Present in Stream A) but missed the entry in the Billing Stream (Stream B).

      The correlation between the Stream A and Stream B is Customer id and the Transaction Log Time( Same timestamp in both streams)
      The Cardinaity between two stream is one to one.

      Thanks in Advance
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          Hi ,

          You can first add two seperate adapters one for streamA and another one for streamB.
          There will be a processor which reads from both the channels.
          Thus you can read data from Multiple streams.

          When it comes to your requriment to find out the missed out event in streamB you can handle it using CQL.

          Hope it helped you!!