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    problem of 'test email' function for email treatment

      I have developed a web service which acts as ESD(email sending deamon), and I have tested my web service with my stand alone client. Now I want to test the web service with real siebel, but when I create an email treatment, and click the 'email treatments'->'treatment detail'->menu->'test email', a dialog pops up to let me input a seed list and the version to send, I choose a seed list and 'text' for 'the version to send', then the following error occurs: "operation '%1' of Web Service '%2.%3' at port '%4' failed with the following explanation: "%5"". I searched the logs but found nothing useful. Anybody can help me?

      PS. my siebel is downloaded from oracle e-delivery web site in the form of VM. I do nothing except some operations about treatment after the vm installation.