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    XML Publisher not working

      Dear Members,

      I have a system with the below configurations:

      1/ OS: Windows7
      2/ MS-Office: 2010
      3./ Oracle Applications:

      Recently I have downloaded the patch *4561835 (XML Builder Desktop Patch for Word)* and installed on my PC. After Installing the software, I have opened the word document and found that new add-ins +(such as template builder, data, insert, preview etc)+ are successfully installed.

      Now I have generated an XML Output and tried to load into the word document. I have followed the below steps:

      1/ Click on Add-Ins
      2/ Click on Data
      3/ Click on Load XML Data

      When I have clicked on Load XML Data, I have got the below errors:

      Error1: Could not load some objects they are not available on this machine.
      Error2: The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your macro security settings

      I request the members to help me in resolving this issue.

      Many thanks in advance.

      Best Regards,
      Arun Reddy.