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    Purpose of Fixed Asset Clearing Account

      Hi Expert's,

      could any one explain me the Purpose of Fixed asset clearing Account in SAP.

      we are follwing below process:-

      Debit     Fixed asset holding account - 2099020                    
      Credit     Vendor Account                     
      (Process the above entries at the time of invoice received)                         

      Credit     Fixed asset holding account - 2099020                                                  
      Debit     Fixed asset clearing account - 2099099                                                  
      (Process the entries based on the Memo received from vicky balance will be moved from Fixed asset holding account - 2099020 to                                                        
      Fixed asset clearing account - 2099020)          

      Credit     Fixed asset clearing account - 2099099               
      Debit     Asset Account               
      (Proces at the time of asset creation)