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    Configuration of ORS

      I'm looking for the best practice of where the best location is to configure ORS in an MWM environment.

      The client situation is that there are three Regions being configured in case that helps.

      I've notices that configuration can occur:
      1. In the MWM Administration where Regions and Cost Controls can be defined.
      2. In the ORS Launch Pad application
      3. Directly in the ORS ".cfg" file for each Region

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          Places #2 and #3 are the same - the Launchpad application is just a front-end for the .cfg files.
          As to which place is best, I believe it depends on what you're configuring. I'm no Scheduler expert, but in my opinion, if you're configuring:
          - Allocation Costs, Global Cost curves, etc - they are best configured in the .cfg files.
          - Priority-based Costs or Region based Costs - in my opinion it is best done in the MWM Admin Tool.

          Dave Kemp or another Scheduler Guru would know better than I though.

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