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    Flow of IVR call to CCA

      Can anyone please respond what is the flow of call from customer's phone to agent. What servers will it hit. I believe call from customers phone hits the telephony server thru PSTN switch. Telephony server has multiple server processess like call center server etc, Application server has ACD server etc. What is the flow of the an inbound call to CCA.
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          The message flow is as follows:

          1.     Call arrives in trunk (non VoIP, if VoIP trunk goto step 3)
          2.     Call Hits Gateway
          3.     Gateway Sends Invite to Redirect server
          4.     Redirect server load balances calls and sends back a moved message (302)
          5.     SIP call arrives on the Call Center as a New Call
          6.     Call Center informs CTI Server of new call
          7.     CTI Server forwards New Call message to IM Server
          8.     Incoming caller interacts with IVR/Campaign
          9.     IVR sends call to Workgroup/Queue
          10.     ACD call enters Queue
          11.     Call Center sends message to IM server to qualify as an ACD call
          12.     Call Center requests queue time from ACD Server
          13.     Customer listens to hold music, promotional messages, etc, while waiting to be connected with an agent
          14.     ACD Server informs Call Center that an Agent is available
          15.     ACD call exits queue
          16.     Call Center sends call to Agent through CTI Server
          17.     Agent accepts new interaction, Call is bridged
          18.     Call Center cancels Ring timeout
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            The PBX/PSTN comes before the gateway?
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              Yes, the gateway is basically used to turn the call into VOIP. The call must physically enter your environment from the PSTN, it can go straight to the gateway or pass through an existing PBX. Once the call is offered to the gateway it is turned to SIP or H.323 and passed on to the Call Center server.