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    Remove Blocks from Essbase databse

      Hello all-

      If in my database i have few blocks that have all 0 in & not #missing, Is there a way to identify & remove those blocks from databse ?

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          Hi Thr,

          There is a nice technique which is used to convert 0 to #Missing.
          If we have many blocks in the cube which are 0 and we want to convert them into #missing so that we can use Clear Empty block to remove unnecessary blocks.

          member = member * member / member;

          it will make 0 #missing;

          then clear empty block.

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            I remember reading Edward Roske's post on this a while back: http://www.network54.com/Forum/58296/thread/1209018907/Replace+0+with+%23missing+Calc+Script

            Interestingly, you will note that multiply and divide process was slower than an IF test. Every database is different, and benchmarking is a really, really good idea.


            Cameron Lackpour