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    PeopleTools upgrade from 8.49.09 to 8.49.26

      We are attempting to upgrade from Tools 8.49.09 to 8.49.26.
      Windows Server 2008 Std 64bit Service Pack 2
      Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

      After the 26 patch is appled we try to open App Designer or DataMover, but we are receiving the following error:
      File: SQL Access ManagerSQL error. Stmt #: 2 Error Position: 0 Return: 8076 - Invalid SNAC client version (minimum is 09.00.2047) (SQLSTATE PS076)

      We have our ODBC connection set up as SQL Server Native Client 10.0.

      We've restored to the 8.49.09 tool set and everything works fine.

      Anyone have an idea how to resolve?

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          I was able to resolve this issue:
          I used the 'ODBC Administrator' from %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\ to setup the connectivity and the issue was resolved.

          For 32 bit PeopleTools Applications running on a 64 bit Windows Operating System you should be using the 32 bit version of ODBCAD32.exe located under C:\windows\syswow64 folder.

          Note: PeopleSoft supports 64 bit SQL Server 2005 and 2008 for PeopleTools 8.49 and 8.50, but a 32 bit SNAC connection for PeopleTools since Tools applications run in 32 bit WOW mode.