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    GRC Manager with EBS?


      I used to test GRC Manager 7.7.2. My aim was to make GRC Manager cooperate with an ERP software e. g. EBS. (For example to define a minimum stock level and define a risk in the GRC M. So GRC M can check if the current stock level is under the minimum stock level). That was not possible.

      My question: (1) Is that possible with the new GRC M 7.8 or 8.0?

      (2) GRC Compatibility Matrix says GRC M doesnt work with EBS, but GRC Intelligence works with GRC Manager and GRC Intelligence works with Application Access Controls Governor and Application Access Control Governor works with EBS. So, I thought I could make GRC M work with data AACG delivers (via GRC Intelligence). Is that possible?

      Thank you for your answers.

      kind regards,

      Edit: Any ideas maybe?


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