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    Require a Number Format Mask to show leading zeros on decimals


      My users are complaining about the decimal point not being very clear when fractional numbers are shown. I need a format mask to show a leading zero for numbers between 0 and 1 (eg. 0.5) but not have a trailing point after whole integers.

      by example:
      10 should show "10"
      .5 should show "0.5"

      I have tried the following

      FM99990D99 which displays as
      10 as "10."
      .5 as "0.5"

      The whole integer of 10 then gets a trailing decimal point. Very ugly as the decimal is the exception to the rule which is why I need to highlight it.

      The user do not want a forced decimal place either as follows:

      10 as "10.0"
      0.5 as "0.5"

      The trailing decimal place is not a practical solution because 99% of numbers are whole numbers and the decimal just pollutes the screen with more zeros, making the numbers harder to read, resulting in more errors.

      I am looking for a format mask that shows:
      10 as "10"
      .5 as "0.5"

      I am using Oracle Forms which means I cannot set_item_instance_property for the records which have decimals. I need a single format mask for all options...

      Any help would be appreciated.