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    Vehicle Sceduling through ecustomer

      Hi All,

      I have a customer who delivers liquid materials in huge size cans to there customer. Customer can order online through eCustomer Portal. Company can send maximum twenty shipments vehicles in a day. The problem I am facing is in Scheduling. Customer requirement are:

      1. Customer can view the available shipping slots for next 2 months. Company logistic team will keep this updated.
      2. Customer can select maximum two vehicles in a day.
      3. Customer can book 1 order, but schedule different shipments dates e.g. booked the order of 100 tons, 1 vehicle can deliver 20ton, maximum 2 vehicle a day. 40 tons on day june 03, 20 tons on june 11, 40 ton on june 15.
      4. if customer request for 60 ton a day, system should not allow this.

      Can anyone let me know how Siebel can handle all this & which modules will be required to achieve this.