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    How to add custom validation to User Defined attribute?

    Rajasekar D

      Is there an easy way to add custom validation/checks to user defined attributes? (in 12.1.1)

      Requirement : when a user tries to update an user defined attribute, we want to validate other functional entities like item relationships, customer item cross references and throw a warning/error message to user if the validation fails.

      Am exploring the below options :

      1. Item rules functionality is not helpful as the validation involves reference to Item Relationships/Customer Master related tables. Is there any way we can use Item rules to refer other tables and columns?

      2. Update Action for an Attribute Group – This setup works fine for an Item, problem we face here is :
      a. Has to be executed manually and user may skip this step. – Is there any way to run the function/procedure defined in ‘Update Action’ automatically
      b. Has to be done Item by Item – Can this be executed for all the Items at once

      3. We would like WebADI upload to honor these additional checks/validations : Any idea how this can be done?

      If you can think of any way to achieve this, could you please let me know.

      Rajasekar D.

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