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    Importing Multiple Shape Files with UTF-8 encoding into Oracle.

      hi every one,

      My main task is to import bulk shape files encoded in UTF-8 into Oracle.

      I am using MapBuilder which have a very nice option for importing bulk shape files/directories.

      But unfortunately i can not find any option to set encoding to UTF-8 in MapBuilder.

      All of my shape files also include a CPG file (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile).

      This CPG file contains the name of character encoding, which is in my case UTF-8.

      Perfect solution will be that MapBuilder can some how read this CPG file and set the encoding system automatically.

      Any suggestion that how i can utilize this CPG file to set the encoding system of Oracle using MapBuilder.

      I am using
      - Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Universal)
      - MapViewer 10g with MapBuilder 11g