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    SmartView Connection to Shared Services Error

      I have installed 11.1.2 on Windows 2008 (64bit) in stand-alone mode. I also have Excel 2007 installed on the same machine. I took all of the default ports when setting up the server instance. I installed SmartView(32bit) on the same machine with no errors. When I try to connect to "Shared Connctions" through the SmartView home window, I keep receiveing an error message: "Connection to Shared Services failed Error Message: 'Cannot connect to provider. The server name could not be resolved.' I have tried replacing the server name with it's physical IP address,; I have tried all of the typical ports; but cannot seem to resolve the problem. My URL reads as follows: "http://testsys:13080/workspace/SmartViewProviders' I have a instance on another server works fine, but the URL is a bit different (http://server:13080/aps/SmartView). Any help would be appreciated.